Artemisia's Axe and the Corpse's Tongue, a small publishing house was created by two queer artists Jessica and Jonas of the limited company The Haunted Bouncy Castle based in Glasgow, Scotland.



Neon Horror collects the works of some of the brightest horror creators from the LGBTQIA+ community.

A diverse selection of short fiction, poetry, illustrated stories and artwork, displaying the wide variety of voices that the horror genre can offer.


Contributors include:

S. Reinholt and Minerva Cerridwen / Lopes da Silva / Ava Kelly / Parziivale / Lou Graves / Hailey Piper / Dark Lunch Studio / Inkyswampboy / Paul Jon Milne / Die Booth / Caeles / Anastasia Catris / Lisa Jones and Eva 'Wolfie' Gnatiuk / Lezzie Borden

Neon Horror