Review: The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave

Updated: Aug 24

In The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave, woodworker Hannah is settled into a pretty good life. She has a wonderful, loving husband, and if her relationship with her teenaged step-daughter isn't the best, at least she's working on it. But when husband, Owen, disappears leaving only a note that says "protect her", Hannah knows that she will need to earn her step-daughter's trust and soon. The two of them search for clues to Owen's whereabouts, and discover who he really is in the process.

This looks like Laura Dave's first outing to hardcore thriller, although the book has still retained much of the heart one would expect based on her previous titles. The story delivered is full of twists and turns and characters that may or may not be safe to trust. And at the centre of it is Hannah's relationship with her step-daughter, Bailey -- a relationship that may be familiar to many in a similar position. Their growing trust and sudden contradictions really make this story. As the reader discovers each reveal along with the characters, it is their reactions and the way they build their relationship around these unveiled secrets that really makes this book enjoyable.

The Last Thing He Told Me will be a good read for fans of Ruth Ware or Lucy Foley, and I hope we will see a lot more thrillers from Laura Dave in the future.

With thanks to the publishers and for granting an e-advanced review copy.

The Last Thing He Told Me is available to buy here.

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