Frequently asked questions

How to cancel a subscription?

Subscriptions auto renews, however you are free to cancel anytime. To cancel, please contact us at info@thebooksoutsidethebox.com with your cancellation request. This can take three-to-five days to process, and we’ll send out an email to confirm cancellation.

What to do if you already have one of the subscription books?

Just drop us an email, info@thebooksoutsidethebox.com, and we will do our best to source an alternative

Can a subscription be bought as a gift?

Yes! You can share the love by purchasing a subscription box or a one-time box as a gift. Simply enter your preferred delivery address and fill in the 'Is this a Gift' box at checkout to let us know. Further questions, please contact us at info@thebooksoutsidethebox.com.

Do we deliver outside the UK?

Unfortunately we are not able to deliver outside of the UK at present.

Can I get a refund?

In the event of a damaged and/or missing box/products, please contact us via email, info@thebooksoutsidethebox.com, with a refund request which contains a valid reason for the refund preferably with images.