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Books Outside the Box started in this world in 2020 as a monthly subscription but that just wasn't for us. We have  moved on as a online indie bookshop featuring spooky (thriller/gothic/horror) and speculative (science fiction/fantasy/dystopian) books. 


We aim to send you titles from genres you love that might have passed you by. These will include:

  • Underappreciated stories by well-known authors

  • #OwnVoices and LGBTQ+ books

  • Books produced by independent authors and small presses

  • Great books that somehow passed under the radar

  • Collections of short fiction often overlooked by mainstream retailers


Books Outside the Box is a small independent business run by Vicky Brewster. Vicky is a full time freelance editor based in South Wales. When she isn't editing manuscripts, Vicky is a part-time student at Swansea University working on her doctorial thesis with a focus on hauntings in 21st century literature. She also runs and teaches at the yearly writer's retreat for horror and gothic writers called 'The Writing Haunt'. Sadly, the retreat is on hiatus due to Covid-19, but Vicky and the Haunt team will be ready to launch once we've eased into the new normal.

You can find Vicky's other ventures here:


Vicky Brewster Editor


The Writing Haunt

Vicky is joined by her assistant, Rowena. She is also working on her PhD with a focus of trans* representation in contemporary literature. Rowena deals with the website and customer services here at Books Outside the Box.


We have teamed up with The Haunted Bouncy Castle, who are purveyors of strange and queer art and merchandise, to provide cool and quirky extras in your gift boxes. We are so excited to share their amazing merchandise and if you can't wait to get your hands on some yourself, you can check them out via the link below. 




We are also lucky to be working with some of the publishers of our fine titles to give our subscribers exclusive gifts!

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